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Ark Promise: The massive ark ship that houses millions of the remaining members of humanity
Zhurong: A gas giant that orbits very close to the sun
NESS 89-02: A furnace world too hot for unprotected landings
Terranova: The new homeworld for humanity, the capital being New Jericho
NESS 89-04: A dwarf planet that lies inside of an asteroid field
NESS 89-05: A smaller gas giant with a thin set of rings
NESS 89-06: The largest gas giant in the system
NESS 89-07: The only ice giant in the system
NESS 89-08: The furthest planetoid away from the star before the system's Kuiper Belt

New Earth Colonial Initiative: The overall project spearheading the exploration and colonization of NESS 89-03

Fauna & Flora
Alien Sabertooth
Carrier Hulk Bestia Incarnatus
Click Dog
Lash Mole Fragmen Stercore
Muse Fish

ALPACA: Horse sized quadrupedal robot used to assist with planetary surveying and exploration
Armored Rover: The six wheeled amphibious all-terrain land rover that Scouts use to tread the alien landscape of NESS 89-03
NECI Sigrun: The corvette spacecraft outfitted to travel between planets for exploration
Unknown Fusion Power Plant: A strange energy producing device found aboard an unknown human ship called the Icarus

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