NESS 89-06

NESS 89-06J XCCA*000-0X CJo X 033 

Satellite: Gas Giant
Age: Mature
Orbit: Mid Rimward
Year Length:  6.944 Earth Years
Distance from Star: 2.3 AU
Size: Giant
Diameter: 145920 km
Circumference: 458421 km

Density: 1.3 Earth
Gravity: 11.4 G

Day Length: 8 h

Atmosphere: Insidious
Temperature: 100 K
Atmosphere Constituents:

Seasons: Tidally Locked

Satellites: 4 planetoids, several planetesimals, thin set of rings

Habitability: Deadly
Resources: ethane, helium

The second and largest gas giant

NESS 89-06

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