NESS 89-08

NESS 89-08T X000000-0X IB X 033

Satellite: Ice Ball
Age: Mature
Orbit: Outer Rimward
Year Length:  56.672 Earth Years
Distance from Star: 9.2 AU
Size: Planetoid
Diameter: 1350 km (.1 Earths)
Circumference: 4241.15 km

Density: .23 Earth
Gravity: .023 G

Day Length: 31 h

Atmosphere: Nitrogen and carbon monoxide based, ethane and methane, all frozen
Temperature: 26 K
Atmosphere Constituents: 
Seasons: Very High

Satellites: 2 asteroids

Habitability: Deadly
Resources: frozen nitrogen, ethane and methane, carbon monoxide, ammonium hydrates

The last frozen ice ball in the system

NESS 89-08

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