New Earth Colonial Initiative

Leader: President Isabella McLeod
Type: Organization (provisional government)
Ideas: Pro-Stability, Survival, Tradition

INF: 16 [At NESS 89-03]
SIZ: 11
RES: 8

Media: 40%
Politics: 40%
Security: 90%
Troops: 70%


  • Come from colonists looking for stability and security
  • Support among the middle class, and politicians
  • Have been non-violent
  • Emblem is the Earth with wings around it

Income: Mines resources from found celestial bodies
Age: Decades
Enter & Exit: Easy to enter; Easy to leave
Restrictions: Resource rationing, limit to those awakened from cryo-stasis, basic governmental laws
Structure: Top Down [Rational]
Operative or Scout (Rank 1-40): Basic Equipment and any Laser or Slug weapons
Coordinator (Rank 41-80):
Chief (Rank 81-90):
Director Rank (91-100):

The New Earth Colonial Initiative began after the Lunar Incident of 2041. Seeing no way for humanity to survive on a chilled world, the Initiative was formed to research methods to ensure the survival of mankind. R&D was put into everything from generation ship research, terraforming, orbital habitats, pantropic engineering, cybernetics, and superluminal space flight. But research was slow going and the conditions of Earth were growing worse at an alarming rate.

This all changed in 2059, when a wormhole was discovered in the asteroid field. Telescopes were used to see through it and revealed a wide array of possible planets for habitation. It took several years but a habitable planet was found and NECI let loose their plan for the exploration, surveying, and colonization of their new home

The NECI is created by scientists, military, and political minds to act as a provisional government, defense militia, and a research center with one goal in mind; the future of Earthlings. With that, NECI is poised to lead the human diaspora into a brighter future.

New Earth Colonial Initiative

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